Whitespace revisited

Many have been curious about the Whitespace project in Thurman and rightly so. If you read this post to the end you will finally have the information you’ve been waiting to hear for years.

Please find below an excerpt from the transcript of the Supreme Court case initiated by the former town supervisor against the contractor who designed and built the Whitespace network.

Please find a link to the illegal Emergency meeting below. The reason it was illegal is because all board members were not present; JohnYoungblood was absent rendering this board meeting and any action taken null and void, which the former town supervisor and board members knew going into the meeting.

The description of the Law concerning Emergency meetings can be found below.

Not only does this show it was an illegal meeting but the former boards incompetence.

Thurman Town Board Emergency Meeting May 2 2016

Please find below a section of Town Law Manual page 35 describing business conducted at a Special Meeting and the requirements “as long as all concilmembers had actual notice of the meeting, attended and participated.”

Page 35 of Town Law Manual

The former board authorized the action, Councilman Eddy voted “No”, for litigation against Mr. Engelmann as regards a public safety emergency.

On pages 12 through 14 you will find where the former supervisor gave false information, under oath, regarding subscribers switching their telephone system over to this (Whitespace) system.
Screenshot 2017-08-29 14.53.42.png

Screenshot 2017-08-29 14.54.05.png

Screenshot 2017-08-29 14.54.12.png

The testimony given by the former supervisor was not true.

A search of Verizon phone directory and 411 delivered contrary results as all whitespace subscribers have the same phone numbers they had prior to being connected to whitespace.

A current petition supported by whitespace subscribers to have Verizon fix the antiquated phone lines in Thurman futher supports whitespace subscribers have not switched their telephone network.


Let me further explain whitespace.

The former Thurman Town Board signed a five year contract with Frontier for access and use of their trunk line which is where the Whitespace internet starts.

The fee agreed upon between both parties (Frontier and the former town board) was $950 / month for 5 years.
The fee paid to National Grid for electricity to heat and cool the Whitespace cabinets is between $200 and $250 / month.

The fee paid to Mr. Groff to cover electrical fees incurred for use of his pole is $50 / month.

Now comes the part no one (or should I say very few people) knew about.

There was an agreement between the former town board and Mr. Engelmann that the subscribers fee be split between the town and Mr. Engelmann. In other words, if a subscriber paid $50, $25 went to the town and Mr. Engelmann earned the other $25 for services rendered for maintaining the network and this was agreed upon by the former board.

A description of maintaining the network covered items such as monitoring the system for error reports, troubleshooting and billing.

All of the former board was aware of all aspects of the Whitespace project. Councilmember Eddy by his votes did not support the conclusions of the rest of the board regarding the Whitespace project. Why did they fail to do due diligence regarding Whitespace? Why did they let it go without an operator for months, when the only person who could and was willing to operate it was only a phone call away?

They thought they could manage the network – they quickly found out they could not and the only reason Whitespace is not the success it could be today is because of the hasty actions of the past administration.

The full transcript of the criminal action taken against Mr. Engelmann  in the Supreme court will be available in a subsequent post.


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