Say What?

Mrs. Seaman can be heard instructing Councilman Michael Eddy what he can and cannot do as a board member at the July 2017 Board Meeting, that may be found HERE.

Too bad she didn’t practice what she preached.

Apparently, her memory fails her as she was the deciding vote for her own appointment. That video may be found HERE.

I would have liked to provide a link to the YouTube video of the December 8, 2015 meeting where the public had quite a lot to say about keeping Mrs. Seaman on as a “hold over” board member. I had downloaded it before its mysterious disappearance, but it seems someone had something to hide and had edited the original video – isn’t that curious?

I do not believe I’d trust anyone with such lack of ethics, let alone vote them back into office!

Resolution 1 of 2016 Gail Seaman votes for herself

8 December Thurman Board Meeting minutes

Memorandum from town attorney

Michael Eddy Letter page 1Michael Eddy Letter page 2

In closing, there was once a YouTube channel with all of the videos of past town board meetings put up by a proposed group of Thurman “friends.” Those videos slowly started disappearing, guess they weren’t very “friendly” to begin with.

Sad for them in reality; it only causes one to ask what they had to hide that made them remove each and every video from their YouTube channel – what prompted that?

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