Opponent running for Town Clerk

The Candidate interested in ousting the current Town of Thurman Clerk may be heard, very loudly screaming at an elderly woman. She called this person stupid at time-stamp 5:25, tells another that they asked an asinine question at time-stamp 5:35. Now mind you, she is NOT our current clerk, but would like to be.


This is the same person who wants to represent your town as the clerk. The clerk is the FOIL officer, if she is asked to provide information and she doesn’t like that person is she going to call them stupid or asinine?


When she was finished verbally abusing the elderly woman and those around the elderly woman she can be seen approaching the board at time-stamp 6:00 and then town clerk with a printed out photocopy of what she said the Warren County Sheriff said to her.


She can be heard at time-stamp 6:03 saying “This is Bud York’s statement about the surveillance camera.” Bud York contacted the towns Attorney that same day and said he did not say that.


The clerk is also a Notary of the Public; the definition of a Notary is, A notary’s main functions are to administer oaths and affirmations, take affidavits and statutory declarations, witness and authenticate the execution of certain classes of documents….., I don’t believe I would trust a person who would lie about what a Sheriff said….

The link to the meeting may be found HERE



Research on Notary of Public is supported HERE

The sidewalk


In April of 2016 appointed Councilwoman Shepler gave a report on the status of the sidewalk entry to town hall. She stated and was recorded in the town board minutes “Sidewalk/Concrete is still ongoing and waiting for another quote.”

Susan Shepler, an appointed council member, was tasked with repairing the sidewalk which was in total disrepair, but was unable to bring it to a conclusion for 9 months. The town of Thurman has a population of 67% Senior Citizens.

After reviewing all of 2016’s meetings minutes, one cannot find another mention of the progress of this important issue. Therefore, Councilman Eddy with his own money and labor corrected the problem.

Former Councilwoman Seaman acting on political motives found fault with it. Their was a fault and it was corrected and accepted by the Buildings and Codes Inspector.

Councilman Eddy deserves thanks.


Further research

So, if I’m reading this correctly, the Attorney the town pays to represent us recommended against having Seaman remain in office with the “hold over” motion.

The board at the time, with the abstention of Councilman Eddy voted in favor… but wait, it was a four member board. So if Councilman Eddy abstained from voting, then Seaman voted for herself? That is not legal.

That move put the town of Thurman in serious jeopardy. Any resolution voted on by that board member could be called into question due to a selfish act.

Lets talk ethics

It causes me great concern that our past government paid such little attention to legal guidance we the people paid for.

Not only did they throw caution to the wind, they threw your money out with it.

Do you want to take a stroll down a destructive memory lane, or do you want to move into our towns advancement?

What I just read here is that the old board was advised against doing the hold over and waning on the side of caution for the town, not fill a vacated seat with a “hold over”. But to hold a special election to fill the vacated seat.

The past board did not listen to a firm they hired for legal guidance…. they felt they knew better than a firm trained in municipal legalities.

First blog post

This blog was created to show another side to the coin, if you will.

With all of the eccentricities of another blog, we thought it prudent to show both sides.
We know you’ve all been wondering… “why did this happen that way” or “there has to be more to the story.”
There is, and when you read it, you are going to be flabbergasted.